Work-Life Balance

Inspired by a tweet from Jenna Drenten, I have decided to add a Work-Life Balance section to this website. This page is a work in progress, like the rest of the site, but it serves as a reminder to all of us that self-care is important and hobbies are fun.

1. I read a lot of fiction and keep track on both a separate website and through Goodreads. Feel free to add me as a friend to see what I’ve been reading.

2. I regularly make books and have a particular interest in functional endbands. I have trained with the San Gemini Preservation Studies program and the University of Wisconsin Art Department.

3. I love chess. I’m not good at it, but you can spy me at many local tournaments, often cheering on family members.

4. Cheese, too. I specialize in Wisconsin cheesemakers and have written detailed copy for almost two hundred cheeses.

5. I play the alto balalaika! I’m in the UW Russian Folk Orchestra and we are very good.

6. I’m very invested in most Wisconsin-based sports teams.

7. I swim regularly and rarely want to do anything else.

8. See my social media for other things I’m doing, because work is important, but so are hobbies.